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PP Woven

PP Woven Bags

PP (polypropylene) woven bags are produced by interweaving polypropylene (PP) tapes into the fabric and are known for their tensile strength and durability. After the coating is applied to the fabric, these bags are leak-proof and water-resistant and can replace the traditional non-coated woven bag with an inner bag.

PP (polypropylene) woven bags are widely used as basic packaging materials in agriculture and industry. PP is the abbreviation of Polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic resin produced by propylene polymerization. Weaving by machine or knitting is the method of gathering a lot of polypropylene type from warp and weft to form PP woven fabric in certain applications. PP woven bag is made by cutting the tube of PP woven fabric into a special length, sewing it on one side, and opening it on the other side.

Applicable to food use: Rice, flour, sugar, salt
Applicable to industrial use: Plastic materials, chemical raw materials, fertilizer, animal feed



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Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing of woven bags involves various important steps. It begins with converting the raw materials into tapes
which ultimately aids in reaching the final product. Once the process of conversion is completed, and tapes are made, they
are weaved in the machine to convert them into woven fabric. Then, as per customer requirement, the extrusion coating process
takes place, or at times it is directly transferred to the finishing stage. At this stage, several procedures like flexo printing,
cutting, stitching and packing are being performed.

Material Combination

Woven bags are made using different materials such as the fabric, threads, crip tape, handle, pull tape and back seam glue.
All these materials with certain proportions aid the manufacturing of coated and uncoated woven bags.

Flexography Printing

Here at Knack, we also offer high-quality flexo printing at a very nominal rate. The best thing about this particular type of
printing is that it can be printed on uncoated bags as well. We can offer upto six different colours in flexo printing on woven
bags at very economical printing cost.


  • Front width215 mm – 620 mm
  • Gusset width60 mm – 250 mm
  • Bag length420 mm – 1150 mm
  • Fabric colourAs per customer requirement
  • Fabric denier550 – 1800
  • Fabric materialPP/HDPE, UV
  • Fabric typeCircular, Flat
  • Extrusion CoatingGloss coating, Matt coating
  • Extrusion Coating Thickness16 µ – 35 µ
  • No of ply ( Beneath Layers )1, 2
  •  PP material is non-toxic.
  •   The durability of PP woven materials makes PP woven bags reusable
  •   Easy to clean and antibacterial
  •  The bag itself is light in weight.
  •  The knitting method makes the woven bag breathable
  •  Low cost