Trident Polyfab

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Our Vision

Our Vision

We believe what happens tomorrow is determined by what we do today.

Founding of Trident

The company was incorporated in 2020. Having graduated in Business Studies, the son of a working class father, he got into entrepreneurship with his whole heart. There was a lot of initial struggle as PWS were not widely acceptable to the Indian market still hugely reliant on Jute bags. It was funded by capital from family and led forward by Mr Ashok with astute management and financial discipline.

Our Success Story

Our dedication to the company is our success story, the single minded effort to meet the customer requirements, with complete attention to every detail of product making, all the time, every time. Financial prudence is what we have always thrived on and this is led from the top management to the floor level. This has enabled us to grow as per market requirements.

Our Vision and Strategy

The one single minded and simple vision is to keep growing with the capital generated by the company, no extra expenses, only capital expenditure done with growth and expansion in mind. The team Trident Polyfab. since its inception is still with us till date and our strategy is to maximize production, keep bringing new products for our customers and keeping the costs of production the lowest possible.

Our Philosophy

At Trident, we believe in imbibing and extending these noble thoughts across all our functions. We call it The GPL Philosophy, which makes us an organization that is:

1. Quality and Energy Conscious
2. Employee And Environment Friendly
3. Socially Responsive
4. Customer Responsive
5. Investor Rewarding
6. Sustainable Organization