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The circular bulk bag is the most common and cost effective construction type. Rugged and robust for a wide range of applications. With a wide range of options available ex stock. If we haven’t got you covered ex our stock, we can surely manufacture them to suit your requirements.

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The first step in the manufacturing process is to design the bag to meet the specific requirements of the customer. This includes determining the size, shape, weight capacity, and features such as lift loops and discharge spouts.

Material Sourcing

Once the design is complete, the next step is to source the materials needed for the bag. This includes the woven polypropylene fabric for the body of the bag and the stitching thread.


The next step is to cut the woven fabric into the correct size and shape for each bag. This is typically done using specialized cutting machines that are designed to handle large rolls of fabric.


After cutting, the edges of the fabric are sewn together to create the body of the bag. This is usually done using specialized sewing machines that are designed to handle heavy-duty materials.

Quality Control

Once the sewing is complete, the bags undergo a thorough quality control process to ensure they meet the desired specifications. This includes checking for any flaws in the fabric, ensuring the correct weight capacity, and verifying that the lift loops and discharge spouts are securely attached.

Packaging and Shipping

Finally, the finished bags are packaged and shipped to the customer.


  • SWL250kgs-2000kgs